Representative Engagements

  • Guidepost Partners is engaged to participate in examination and testing of a global oil company’s trading operations and compliance policies and procedures in connection with a court mandated review of operations.
  • Guidepost Partners and principals have been engaged to assist the Receiver of two private investment funds with total assets in excess of $1.2 billion.  The team manages the day- to-day operations and oversees and executes investment strategy to prudently wind down the portfolio over time to resolve claims and to distribute cash and assets as appropriate.
  • Engaged by a major hedge fund managing in excess of $10 billion to review policies, procedures, and internal practices, related to risk control, due diligence, security risks and compliance in the wake of the 2008 market collapse and external events such as the Madoff affair and other publically disclosed fraudulent schemes.
  • Principle of Guidepost engaged to serve as Special Adviser to the Audit Committee of a New York Stock Exchange listed company to assist the committee in the review of its role and practices and plans to improve effectiveness.